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The Most Common Violations That Will Generate a Violation Letter

We are now in the Spring season and every thing that was dormant is now blooming, please step outside and look at your home that you purchase and correct issues before you receive a violation letter.  The covenants provide the violations and you can locate them on this website under BYLAWS AND COVENANTS. Section 6, starting at Page 16.

Be honest and step outside and ask yourself if my house was on the market, would I even consider purchasing it?  Do you have curb appeal? Or would you pass it by because it needed a lot of TLC?  You know the answer to this question if you are honest.

Below is a list of the most common violations that will warrant  you a violation letter.

  •  Pressure Wash Your Home:  Walk around your home do you see dirt on the  side of your home?  Is your driveway and front entrance dirty?  If you answered Yes, it is time for you to pressure wash your house.

  • Mowing:  Is your grass out of control and begging to be cut.  That is the sign it is time to mow.
  • Edging.  Edge your front lawn with an edger.
  • Bushes:  Are your bushes overgrown?  Are your bushes so overgrown that you can't see out of your windows?  Are your bushes overgrown that they are growing up alongside of your front side of your home?  If so, it is time to trim your bushes to add to your curb appeal.
  • Weeds throughout front lawn. You must treat your lawn to rid of the weeds and dandelions.  Sorry folks mowing them will last for 1-2 days and they will pop back up in your lawn within 24-48 hours.  The ACC Management Company will know if you actually have fertilized your lawn by the germination periods  So continue to fertilize your front lawn throughout the spring/summer months.

  • Weeds in flower beds.  If you have a lot of them and don't want to pull each weed, may I suggest spraying them with a weed killer.  However, the weeds will turn brown when they die and you will have to pull them eventually or better yet, hire someone to pull them for you. Less stress on your back.

  • Windows:  Look at  your window sills.  Is the white paint chipping or in need of repair because the weather has caused the wood to rot?  If so, this will definitely warrant a violation letter.  Repair and repaint your window sills.  

  • Front Door:  Is your front door weathered and faded and in need of a fresh coat of paint?  If so, time to freshen up your front door with a good outdoor paint.  Note your front door and shutters must be the same color.  

  • Shutters:  Are they loose or falling off of the house?  Are your shutters faded and  in need of a fresh coat of  paint?  Remember this community began in 1997 and if you have never painted your shutters, it is overdue for a fresh coat of paint.

  • Window Treatments/Blinds:  All window treatments for the front windows of your home must be white.  If you have broken window blinds, you must purchase new ones.  No colored drapes and/or blinds are allowed.

  • Mailbox Posts:   All mailbox posts must be treated pine wood and of standard height of 41–45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry.  No plastic mailboxes are allows. If your mailbox is shorter than 41-45 inches which is the standard height and you have to bend down to reach your mailbox, then you will need to replace it with the standard size post.  The mailbox post can be painted either white or be stained.

  • Mailbox:  All  mailboxes must be a metal black post mount.  If your mailbox is old and rusty and showing signs of age, then it is time to replace your mailbox.  

  • Mailbox Address Numbers:  All mailboxes must bear your address and be posted either on the mailbox or the mailbox post.  Any missing address numbers must be replaced and adhere to the mailbox.  

    Remember: If you are planning a project to add or change any thing to your exterior of your home, you must complete the ACC Request Form for approval for your project.  Failure to do so, will result in fines and/or enforcing the covenants by requesting that your project be removed or torn down. 

  • You can find the ACC Request Form under the Heading Pages & Links - Standard Forms on this website.
Posted by Club4701 on 04/19/2019
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